A|B testing is the cornerstone of the best marketing campaigns. A|B testing allows you to find the weaknesses and strengths in an email campaign and then iterate improvements. In fact, the ability to test with incredible efficiency is the reason that email has almost entirely superseded direct mail in the past decade.

For this reason, we built a hard working A|B testing tool that makes it easy for anyone to run lucrative and fruitful A|B tests.

  • Test any variable: subject line, body content, template, or from name
  • View reporting side-by-side
  • Send Version A and Version B to small samples of your recipients before sending the winning version to the remaining recipients
  • Have our system automatically launch the winning variant
  • Choose the winner based on a variety of metrics: open, click-through rate, and delivery rate

But, A|B testing is not all. Top-level email senders use more than A|B tests to make sure their campaigns are performing optimally.

Rendering Reports – Unfortunately each email inbox decides to render your message in a different way. This can cause huge problems. What if Yahoo strips out all your paragraph breaks and skews your entire email? How do you plan for this? Our Rendering Report will send your message to all major mobile, desktop, and web-based inboxes and take a screenshot. See exactly how your message looks to an end user inside a live inbox. Whenever you discover problems, your account manager will be glad to help.

Domain Delivery Reports – Place seeds in your message before you send so that we can track exactly how the message performs at each major destination (Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail etc). We can tell you whether it landed in the spam folder, inbox, or was bounced altogether. This provides an extremely clear picture of your true deliverability health and allows you to fix the problems that might be severely ailing your email program.