Mobile Optimized Email

The majority of email is now consumed on a mobile device. It is very important that your emails look good on a mobile screen. If they don’t, many subscribers will not convert and many will simply delete without reading.

The problem is that few organizations have the know-how, time, or resources to design top-quality mobile friendly emails. That’s why we’ve done our best to make it easy for all our users to design mobile-first emails.

  • Rendering Tests. Unfortunately, each mobile phone will render your message in a different way, and these standards are constantly changing. Our Message Rendering Report will send your message to all major destinations and take screenshots so you can see exactly how your message looks to an end user. This allows you to identify problems that your account manager will be happy to help you fix.
  • We have literally written a book that teaches you how to write responsive emails that adapt to any screen. This exclusive guide is extremely valuable to anyone who needs a trustworthy manual for responsive design.
  • View Online for Mobile. This unique feature allows you design an alternate version that will render on mobile devices if users click the link, “Viewing on a Mobile Device?”. If your email happens to render poorly the recipient can simply click the link to view the mobile safe version.
  • Our Creative Services Team is happy to build a custom template for you that parallels your core branding. If you don’t have the internal staff to write your own responsive emails, we’d be glad to do it for you.
  • If you are starting from scratch, we are happy to supply you with some free mobile templates as a jumping off point.
  • SMS to Subscribe. To fully leverage mobile opportunities you can use our SMS tool to drive subscriptions from mobile users.

The ultimate asset for building mobile friendly emails is an account manager who is extremely versed in the subject. Your account manager will be glad to provide advice, best practices, diagnose problems, run tests, and even help you revise your templates if need be. You won’t be alone!