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According to an Econsultancy panel in 2014, respondents said the most important attribute in an email provider is a user-friendly interface. Just below this was the need for true real-time technical support. In short, technology is only as good as the support team behind it. If you can’t easily get the right answers right away, even the fanciest marketing tools are worthless.

This is why we insist every client must have an account manager…for free. No silver package or bronze tier add-on.  Whether you are a non-profit or a political campaign, your account manager will have personal experience working with companies like you. From initial training to more complicated tasks like building automated campaigns, your account manager will be there to help every step of the way.

Stop calling support lines and opening anonymous chat windows. Come to VerveMail for truly helpful support.


2012. According to ReturnPath, email was a game-changer in Obama’s 2012 victory over Romney. Obama leveraged a list 5 times larger than Romney. Using this list, ReturnPath suspects he raised 10 times more money than Romney via email.

2014. According to Campaigns & Elections, email fundraising was one of the two most important digital technologies for the Republican sweep in 2014. Republicans leveraged an unprecedented level of email marketing tools. According to some, this was the “Republican Tech Evolution.”

Email is perhaps the most formidable weapon in the fundraising battleground. Both sides are now aware of this. But, most mainstream email providers do not welcome political campaigns. They will ask you to re-opt-in your list. They will threaten you with arbitrary compliance.

You need an email partner on your side. We understand what you need to win.


According to NTEN, the average one-time email gift size was $57. Not only does email have a proven ROI for non-profit fundraising, it’s also very cheap. On average, it will pay for itself 6 times over. Moreover, donors now prefer to donate digitally, and overall digital donations haves dramatically surged in the past few years.

Non-profits usually have very limited resources in terms of staff and budget. We realize that, and we’ve built an email program around the idea that every good cause, no matter how tight their budget is, deserves a best-of-breed email solution.

Our Tools

Simple Campaign Creation

Simple and intuitive ways to create, edit, and deploy your day-to-day marketing campaigns.

Easy Social Sharing

Spread your message and grow your list by encouraging and tracking viral social sharing.

Insightful Reporting

See your true delivery rate. Discover where your messages are going and why. Track campaigns and benchmark your success.

Test and Improve

A/B tests, rendering tests, domain delivery reports — we have all the tools you need to analyze and optimize the critical components of a successful email campaign.

Send Personalized, Targeted Email

Easily collect and manage big data. Then, personalize your emails with this information, using our incredibly powerful and intuitive segmentation suite.

Managed Deliverability

Our Deliverability Team will help you avoid and remedy the toughest deliverability woes. No other mainstream provider offers deliverability support like ours.

Effective Multi-Channel Integrations

Unify your database by communicating data across disparate silos. Our robust API and prebuilt integration applications make this easy.

Build Custom Forms and Surveys

No coding required. Its easy to build custom forms for any purpose: events, petitions, sign up forms, landing pages, preference centers and more.

Track Conversions

Monitor how many donations originated from a link, email, campaign or particular subscriber. Use this data to re-target your most valuable subscriber segments.

Mobile Friendly Email

Most subscribers will delete an email if it renders poorly on their phone. Use our tools to write mobile perfect emails.


Automation shouldn’t be scary or complicated. Our pre-built strategy blueprints make it easy to build lifecycle automations that welcome new subscribers and reward social evangelists.

The state of email marketing: alive and well

billion emails sent every day worldwide
Billion email accounts worldwide
of online users check email
of email opens occur on mobile devices
of consumers prefer commercial communications via email
our uptime
email ROI vs. mobile ads
email ROI vs. display ads

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