According to a Jupiter Research study, nearly one-third (31%) of email marketers surveyed said their biggest challenges were blacklists and SPAM filters.

It’s true that a growing percentage of permission-based opt-in email is being blocked or discarded, usually without notice to you or your intended recipient. The problem of legitimate email being stuck in filters is so real, in fact, that the email marketing industry has even given those emails a name: “false positives.”Reduce False Positives with VerveMail’s eMS and SureSend email deliverability enhancement Platform.

Reduce False Positives

VerveMail helps you fight false positives with a “one-two” punch. One, our email marketing technology contains built-in tools to help you achieve consistently high delivery rates. And two, our team of experts — the Deliverability Team —  is a truly invaluable resource to help you resolve and prevent even the toughest deliverability battles.

Built in Tools:

  • Double opt-in security and affirmative consent tracking
  • Accurate reporting tools tell you exactly how many messages bounced and why
  • Domain delivery reports place seeds in your campaigns so we can track exactly where your messages go: inbox, spam folder, or missing
  • A one-click SPAM rating tool that analyzes message content and formatting, then flags potential problems to fix before sending an email.
  • Segmentation tools to improve list hygeine based on engagement ratings
  • Best-of-breed list scrubbing tools that actually ping the domain of each recipient to validate that the address is valid
  • Easily downloadable bounce-logs let you see first hand the reason a message bounced
  • Dedicated IPs on demand

Deliverability Team:

  • Our team will identify and remove blocks and blacklists at all levels on a daily basis
  • Assistance with proper SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication protocols
  • reputation monitoring
  • Whitelisting assistance, including ReturnPath Certification
  • Assistance with IP “warm-ups”
  • In conjunction with your account manager, our team of deliverability experts is available to provide advice on any aspect of your campaign’s deliverability strategy (strategic report generation; email bounce trend analysis; inbox placement analysis; recommendations and best practice information).