Most markers seem to think it’s very important. But the fact is, most marketers aren’t using marketing automation (nearly 2/3 of them!)

This is because many marketers seem to think automation is black magic, and they don’t know how to begin utilizing it.

But, marketing automation is not scary or complicated. It’s simply the process of automating emails to save you time. It’s that simple. And we give you the tools to make it easy.

You can ease in with the simplest marketing automation programs like welcome campaigns that greet your new subscribers or social campaigns that reward your social evangelists for sharing your emails. You can view the analytics for these campaigns, test variables, and modify your campaigns accordingly. We’ve built automated blueprints that allow you to implement these drip campaigns by simply plugging in your message content:

  • Welcome Program
  • Win-back Campaign
  • Social Evangelist Campaign

Your account manager will be there to help you review and analyze the programs for success. Then, when you are ready, you can begin building your own custom automated lifecycle campaigns using data from your donor database, website, blog, CRM, or ecommerce site. Some example campaigns include:

  • Abandoned cart/form program
  • Automatic subscription renewal campaign
  • Birthday/anniversary reward program
  • Coupon promotions
  • Website activity triggers
  • An automated daily digest of articles recently published on your blog