Our Charter

Client Retention Rate
What sets us apart is not the power or diversity of our email technology — although they are truly powerful, cutting-edge, best-of-breed tools. What makes VerveMail a truly exceptional parter for your email marketing program is:
Our passionate attention to each customer’s individual needs
Our wide ranging and deep understanding of email marketing
Relentless ethic of success – we won’t stop until you are where you need to be
Even the best technology becomes useless if it’s too difficult to use. So many software providers get caught in the technical details and lose sight of their customer. We know this, and have found patented, tried-and-true methods to help organizations and marketers of all skill levels implement and run a top-notch email marketing program. Here are some of the specific ways we make that happen – our Company Charter
Every client is paired with a dedicated account manager who will become an integrated part of your team. You can call your account manager whenever, without an appointment, and get quick answers. You will be on a first name basis.
There is no break between sales and customer support. The representative who takes your first call and greets you into the company is assigned as your account manager. From the very first conversation you have, he or she is learning about you and your organization’s specific needs. This means your account manager is there from Day 1 to make the transition from your old provider painless.
We only accept as many clients as we can handle. If we have too many clients, then we can’t pay attention to each individual client as much as they deserve. We will only take you as a client once we know what you need and are sure we can supply that need.
If you ever need additional help, we have experts in every field (web design, custom integration, marketing strategy, deliverability, copywriting, and more). You have a lot of resources at your fingertips. See here.
We work around the clock.
We will be honest with you at all times, even if it sometimes means turning away business

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