Track Conversions

Using your commerce transaction and customer behavior data, our conversion tracker allows you to understand and identify who your most valuable donors are and reach them at key points in their lifecycle when they are most likely to contribute.
You can use this to identify:

  • Lifetime Value
  • Gift Frequency
  • Average Gift
  • Contribution Recency
  • Action Categories (what topics spurred giving)
  • Donation totals by message, link and subscriber

Conversion Tracker in Action

Let’s say you’re a not for profit organization and you want to automatically identify and solicit donations from members using contribution data.

Using our conversion tracking capabilities, you can send a unique message to donors who have:

Contributed more than $10 in the last six months; OR Visited particular microsites or take-action pages in the last six months.


Initiate a loyalty promotion at the beginning of the year to high value donors who have: Contributed more than $500 in the last year; AND contributed more than three times in the last year.