It’s not just important to monitor your KPI’s for individual messages. It’s important to know how your messages are performing at different levels: by campaign, by account, by time period, by subject matter, and by custom criteria (c3 vs c4, for all you non-profit people). We give you all the traditional reporting metrics, but we allow you to benchmark and compare these metrics against each other for truly valuable insights.

More importantly, though, our reporting suite is accurate. We don’t just tell you “99% delivered” like other email providers. We tell you how many messages went to the spam folder, how many reached the inbox, and how many bounced. Then, we tell you the reason they bounced (invalid name, spam filter, block, full inbox etc). We help you discover problems and implement solutions.

Then, if you want to fully utilize our robust reporting suite, you can retarget your subscribers based on behavioral activity like link clicks, message opens, the device used to open, bounce history, and much more. Read about our segmentation tools to learn more about leveraging reporting data to your advantage.


Mobile devices showing Vervemail reports