Segmentation and 1:1 Personalization

Our segmentation suite is incredibly powerful and easy to use. No matter how large your list is, using our segments will make it easy to organize your subscribers into actionable groups based on profile data, engagement history, purchase history, geographical location, social activity, mobile activity and much more. The best way to describe our segmentation tool is: limitless. You will find a nearly infinite variety of applications for this extremely well designed feature.

Personalization Tags – feed subscriber-specific information into an email message using the data you have gathered. Historically, email marketers have included subscribers’ first name in the opening of an email. But studies repeatedly confirm this isn’t enough. The more personalization you can include the better results you will see. Using our personalization tools you can incorporate unique information into any part of the email, including the subject line. You can use data like the neighborhood a subscriber lives in, their answer to a survey question, or even their favorite book.

Dynamic Content – serve up a unique image for each individual subscriber based on his or her preferences and activity. Using this tool, you can display content to subscribers that they want to see and are willing to act on. The days of batch-and-blast are long gone. Subscribers expect an email tailored for them.