Social Sharing

Yes, we offer refer-a-friend, forward-to-a-friend, and all traditional techniques used to spread your message virally. To be honest, though, these old tactics are mildly successful at best.

The single best way to charge your message for viral success is to include social sharing buttons.

Many other email providers will allow you to do this. However, what they don’t offer is social remarketing. Let us explain.

Social remarketing is the idea of targeting your users who are sharing your content. If you use our social share buttons in your email, you can then track and segment your users based on these critical metrics:

  • How many times they shared
  • How often they shared
  • What articles/emails they shared
  • What sites they shared on

Using this data you can pinpoint and engage your most valuable segment of users: social evangelists. This is a massive opportunity many email marketers have been slow to realize.

Moreover, we have built an easy-to-use blueprint that lets you build automatic drip campaigns based on social behavior. Automatically engage with your social evangelists without manually querying your database to find them. Reward them with prizes, offer them discounts, and leverage these ultra-valuable subscribers for maximum list growth.