Email Marketing Solutions and Services for Media and Publishing

Our enterprise-level digital marketing platform provides cutting-edge customer experiences for hundreds of publishing and events companies.
It’s vital that you can consistently and reliably communicate with your data. Your key staff must be able to create, manage and send email campaigns at the same time. This includes all editors, publishers and marketers.
From breaking news to subscription renewal emails, everything matters. And if you want high-quality emails, you need control of your brand and data too.
Email Marketing for Publishers

Digital marketing built around you

Our platform is designed around 4 levels of structure to fit your unique organizational structure like a glove:


We’ll setup the structure in the way that works for you.

Email Marketing for Publishers

We give you complete control of your customer experience

 Create automated emails – with dynamic content pulled from your website
 Ensure ultimate quality control for your email marketing campaigns – with our unique approval system
 Easily integrate your data, emails and mailing lists
 Run effective automated welcome and renewal programs
 Send automated birthday emails and purchase reminders – based on previous customer actions
 Save time with our easy-to-use email editors – for all user levels, including an online editor and HTML editor

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