We offer industry-leading email marketing and a broad range of client services. We enable our clients to build relevant relationships with their customers based on actionable data.

We are different

If you’re looking for an email solution that delivers the right message to the right person at the right time – you found it. VerveMail is built on a solid core of innovative technology and strategic services, including data management, social media integration, data intelligence, lead generation, email lists, interactive applications and best practices consulting. VerveMail specializes in making it easy for organizations to create multi-stage email campaigns that begin with acquisition and evolve through the member lifecycle to encourage conversion, drive greater giving, and increase lifetime value. We’ve determined which components of successful lifecycle messaging programs produce the greatest results, we’ve automated those components, and we’ve built them into our technology platform. VerveMail offers complete email marketing services and software, with the team and technology to make emailing members and prospects more effective for you and more engaging for them. Whether you’re looking for full-service–software, creative, account management or a collaborative relationship that falls somewhere in-between, VerveMail’s web-based email marketing software and team of professionals will help you discover an email marketing solution that fits your exact business needs.

Advocacy Experts

VerveMail specializes in online fundraising and advocacy. We understand that email is the life blood of organizations. Optimizing engagement and deliverability across your email channel is becoming increasingly complex. It’s no longer sufficient to focus solely on your subscribers’ preferences and behaviors; now, you also need to understand how to leverage emerging channels like mobile and social media. If you’re one of many wondering how to handle everything with limited internal resources and budget challenges, we’re here to help. We have the eMarketing technology platforms that help you complete your mission the smart way with proven ROI features and capabilities. Some email service providers simply blast emails. But at VerveMail, we take a more holistic approach. We offer a complete suite of campaign strategy, list segmentation, creative tests, deliverability management, and much more. Our staff is comprised of people who know the industry inside and out, and who will help you understand everything from CAN-SPAM compliance to HTML rendering in email messages. We have email-dedicated designers and copywriters who can help dramatically increase your click-through and conversion rates.

Actionable Data

In the past, organizations have struggled with a critical component of effective messaging: having a place to warehouse and manage multiple data sources. Failing to do this limits your ability to get a complete picture of member’s interactions with your organization. VerveMail’s central data warehouse solves this problem and provides you the insight that is the foundation of effective lifecycle messaging. We build integration pipelines that put the email data you need, segmented the way you need it, into our eMarketing Suite. Our most successful strategic marketing engagements start with an account audit. Our strategy team will holistically evaluate your email program and provide you with baseline performance metrics for similar industry verticals. We can then provide recommendations for improvements and specific strategies targeted to address the needs and challenges of your organization. Our strategic services team can help you develop an automated and optimized lifecycle messaging roadmap to follow. When you adopt advanced messaging tactics, you will become more strategic and unlock the potential of your email programs. Effective email marketing engages people and drives them to higher lifetime value through increased relevancy, resulting in better response rates and greater giving.